Spiral Wound Gaskets


CMD spiral wound gaskets are the right product to guarantee a perfect seal on the flanges where, with their perfect coupling, the compression and the consequent performing elasticity must be considered.

On request, the spiral wound gaskets are manufactured using several materials such as stainless steel like 304, 316L, Hastelloy, Monel, Incoloy, Super Duplex, to mention some, as well as in combination with other materials such as PTFE or graphite.

For their production CMD uses the most modern machinery projected and built on a long experience in the field, that wind and compress the dosed components of the finished product. They also constantly check the winding tension as well as the proper dimension. At CMD, the tools used for the production of the spiral wound gaskets cover a size range from 15mm to a maximum of 4000mm and they can be with or without rings or internal ring only or centering ring only. The finished gaskets then undergo a unit manual check to verify the compliance to their drawing.

The final packaging is also subject to the same care and guarantees a secure delivery to destination without any product’s change.

 CMD - Industrial Gaskets
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CMD - Industrial gaskets
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